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"Hallelujah!!! Absolutely EVERYONE should do this!

Life-changing in the best way.

I love just seeing Hanna - that alone is pure magic & abundant too-muchness and I always look forward to the last Monday of the month with enormous excitement."

Get inspired & activated

The WMM is a place of activation, inspiration, knowledge, expertise & magic.

While you can watch all replays in your own timing the Live Workshops are the most FUN part of the WMM.

Magic Monday is always at

4 pm CET (germany)

8 am MST (United States /Mexico / Canada)

ALL Replays & Bonus content is being saved for YOU.

What is WMM about?

Hanna has grown her own soulful, heart-centred 1:1 Coaching Business from Zero to six figures in No-Time and so she provides & shares everything that has helped her, serves her and that she deeply believes in, with the wild magic Members.

Every workshop of the WMM is a deep immersion of her own path.

Emotional Freedom Technique

& TIS© The Infinite Shift

EFT & TIS© are the most used Tools that Hanna creates her own magic with. Daily.

While the tapping method EFT is spread world wide TIS© is brand a brand new technique founded and created by Hanna herself.

It is uniquely powerful and simple to use.

While Magic is always given and provided by all workshops & Bonus Sessions (such as the EFT's) it all depends on YOU.

YOU are the force and the vessel of change.

I can't wait to see you blooming, glowing and spreading joy & bliss by BEING the most YOU you've ever been.

"Where Magic, Spirituality & Inspiration takes place CHANGE is inevitable.

And the WILD MAGIC MEMBERSHIP is exactly all that."

What is included for wild magic Members?

  • One Magic Workshop/per month
  • One EFT Abundance Session /per month
  • Methamorphosis - a full four module Coaching Course
  • Instagram Account "WILD MAGIC MEMBERSHIP" private HUB
  • Online Portal where all the Magic will be saved and blissfully organzied to watch whenever you want
  • CASE of MAGIC- full Workshop of facing light & shadow to go real deep, real fast
  • & more Magic is waiting for you

ALL for under 90€ per month


"There is no more protected, truthful and nonjudgmental space in my world than the one created by Hanna. WILD MAGIC MEMBERSHIP is a space of enlightenment made, and held with a heart infused with love."


What if I can't be there live?

This is not a problem at all. There will always be a replay on our magical online platform no later than 48 hours after the live workshop.

How many LIVE modules are there in the membership?

There is one Magic Monday per month & one EFT Bonus Calls.

As always everything comes with a replay.

The Magic Monday currently takes place on the last MONDAY of the month at 5PM. (CET] 2023 it will change to the first Monday per month for the Workshop Calls

I would like to do 1:1 coaching with you, but I think the WMM is great too, what to do?

I got you! All 1:1 clients get the WMM on top. Send me a voice and we will find out what is right for you.

+4915225300696 Whatsapp /Telegram

Is the membership only for coaches?

No, the WMM is for everyone who has or wants a soulbiz. But of course you will learn a lot about coaching. You can use the tools for yourself as well as in circles and your own 1:1 conversations.

Can I have a refund?

No. Working on yourself and your business takes a huge commitment. Once booked you are IN for your growth. And growth can be uncomfortable at times.

What happens if I am no longer a member? Do I still have access to the courses then?

The access to the online portal of the WMM including the content (also all monthly courses & EFT's) will be cancelled as soon as you don't want to be part of the WMM anymore.

Where do we meet? Where does the Magic take place?

The LIVE workshops, i.e. the Magic Monday, will take place via Zoom. You will receive the links via email. But we also have a private MAGIC IG account that connects us outside of the Magic online portal (where the replays are) and where you can find weekly activations, links and access.

So all in all, we have 2 interfaces:

The online portal and the Instagram Hub

Ready to change everything?


5 month

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month + VAT

5 month

One shot - save money


333 for 5 month



Magic for One Full Year

Big Discount


month + VAT

777 € + taxes per year

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Team Hanna Augenstein

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