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before you watch the Video, that I recorded after having my Conversation with Steve here, I wanna give you some reasons to listen to it from a place of owning what you hear, only for your own growth. Remeber this is not about me Hanna, nor is it about Steve. It is about YOU

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I would love for you to watch that Video where I share my experience being with Steve Hardison, known as “The Ultimate Coach”.

Steve has a huge Commitment, maybe the biggest I’ve ever come across, for his life.

One of his biggest Commitments is to spend as much time with his true Love Amy as possible. And so his rates are $200,000 for 50 hours, in his office in Arizona.

Also when his son booked him for Coaching, Steve gave him a big great zero discount.

All about Commitment.

This gives him the freedom to BE who ever he wants, from a place of Love that is very unique.

Steve did not study Coaching, he studied LOVE and LISTENING

And I had the honor to be in a Conversation with him, or shall I say:

I had the honor to meet the highest Version of MYSELF - as this is more true.

I hope you are going to listen as I would only talk through you, not for you, not to you.

Maybe it does not make sense on every level, but it surely will create an Idea in your mind and soul that is going to show you at least a fragment of what is right for you, right now.

Loving you

Coach / Mentor / Facilitator


Part one - the reflection

Part two - the Q & A


a live Q&A

with a special (listener) guest

I love the fact, that the first person that subscribed to that Event was Steve H. himself.

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loving you

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