Do you know who you are behind what you've been told throughout your life?

who are you really

dive deep

embrace your essnece

live who you are



"The infinite Shift"- methode is one of the most powerful tools you can use for yourself and after the training also to help your clients to shift.

The method is developed and created by Hanna Augenstein and it involes the nervous system as well as the spirtual work.

The process itself is powerful, deep and has the full potential to shift your life the way you deserve it.

I am guiding through a structured process that you can do over and over.

If you are 100% committet THIS will for sure change your Life!

I have come far myself. Growing up feeling not welcome in this world I shut down my essence for long. The pictures you see here : I would have never taken them back then. Showing up, bold and colourful is "too much".

I had to jump into many cold waters. I am the full provider of my family with my 1:1 Coaching Biz.

Yes I am intense, not "too much" and it is time to break through.

It is time to live. To me this is where happnies lies.

Let me help you to BE you.

Read Kathrin's experience after 1 single SHIFT session:

Head of Leadership Development

of Heidrick Consulting

"Hanna's Coaching is always good, but this particular process delivers on the promise that the title holds: it SHIFTS something in and for you, quickly and with lasting effect.

I felt it immediately and it brought about real changes in my life in a very short time.

I can say it actually changed a deep rooted pattern and a way of relating that I hadn't been able to let go of by myself.

I would recommend this process to anyone who wants a transformation that sticks.

Trust Hanna, she knows what she is doing. As a very experienced Coach myself, there are not many Coaches I trust. I trust her. 100%."

Throughout your life you have buried who you are with the tainted soil of painful thoughts about yourself..

such as

“I am not worthy”

“I am too much”

“I am alone”

“I am powerless”

and so on

And so you can imagine there has been a looooooong time for each of us to collect enough thoughts that make sure we are not living our fullest, brightest self.

But those thoughts are not just thoughts. They carve our future if we do nothing.

They decide how we speak.

How we walk. How we talk.

What we think next.

What we belief.

What and WHO we are.

They decide what kind of a story we make up about others and our life.

It is a pretty big show that is going on. ALL THE TIME.

But YOU can change that. And I show you excatly HOW you can do this!

If you want to be one of eight magical beings, diving into the real you, discovering the old BS and the truth behind it: YOU, then reach out and save your spot.

Each of us has a truth that can only be found by YOU.

I help you to find it crystal clear.


Undergo the process with me on your side!

dive deep

120 minutes pure you


1.111 € only / limited spaces per month


1. purchase the magic

2. Sofie, my angel assitents reaches out to you to fix the appointment

4. the magic happens

Your painful thoughts will be an essential part of your power and creation you will leave this journey with.


Her commitment to excellent coaching and her fierce desire to crush any limitations make the coaches around her level up their game.

Jan Broders

Executive Life Coach

I have received a lot of coaching in my life before, I can say with absolute certainty that Hanna is exceptional.

Kathrin Fox

Women Empowerment Coach

“Hanna, you remind me of Steve Chandler.

YOU are like a true servant, humble and powerful.”

Steve Hardison

the ultimate Coach




  • 120 minutes "the shift"

  • tools to regulate your nervous system
  • tools & methods to shift
  • your truth as a result of each session written and born by you

What I need from you to do this process with me:

◊ full commitment

◊ mentally and physically stable, to undergo such a process

We are going to find out YOUR truth, I am going to ask you to have a look into very old stories


◊ accountability, as you are going to do some additional homework to complete your progress before the upcoming call

◊ high commitment for yourself

◊ 100% honesty & compassion

no refund can be given, we require 100% strong will to undergo this process

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