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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey with me?

To discover if I am the right guide for you and to invest in your path towards growth and self-discovery?

If so, this video is a must-watch.

Rather than simply telling you how this journey could be, I have invited

some of my clients to share their own experiences with you.

As you watch, pay attention to the moments where they pause, search for words, and speak from a place of deep feeling -

this is what we, as coaches who work with somatic conversations,

call a felt sense.

My clients come to me with a variety of backgrounds and desires.

Some are just starting out on their coaching journey,

while others have a clear sense of their Essence as a coach.

But all of them have been guided to a deeper understanding of their own essence through my one-on-one apprenticeship.

And the truly exciting part is that each of these incredible coaches has discovered their own unique gift - sometimes different from what they originally thought - and no two coaches are the same.

From self-love coaches to shamanic coaches to inner voice coaches to feminine sexual coaches, each has found their own path to success.

Enjoy the magical ride.

Become a certified Coach &

TIS© Practitioner

Hanna serves as powerful coach, supervisor and mentor to both individuals and aspiring and/or experienced coaches.

Hanna has the experience and seniority to take you from A to B - whether you want to come home to yourself or launch your successful Coaching Business. By the end of your 1:1 apprenticeship with Hanna, you will be a certiefied Coach by moving from sticking to templates to finding your unique and powerful voice.

Hanna loves to use a method within her work called TIS©.

The infinite Shift is a technique that allows you to fully anchor into your essence.

TIS© is shifting your ID that you've bought into for all those years into your true ID: who you are being and becoming. It uses your and only your truth to do so.

This process which was invented by Hanna is both powerful and lasting. TIS© rewrites your past by helping you let go of who you think you need to be in order reveal your truest essence beneath all limiting beliefs.

Undergoing the 1:1 Coaching Apprenticeship includes the certified TIS© training.

"It was just one of the most important decisions I could make for myself."

I'm just really grateful that I got to work for a coach like Hanna. And I decided to work with her in particular, because she has a very unique way of Coaching and helping Coaches to be their unique best self as Coaches.

Within the Journey I felt heard, I felt encouraged, I felt motivated. I felt seen. And all that for sure gave me what I actually needed and that was profound healing.

Really looking at the things that have not been fully healed and that I thought were fully healed. Shining the light on these things really deep and digging, getting the work done. In many ways I felt like this journey was so profound. It was just so amazing to have the help of a Coach like Hanna, to be supported and guided by her.

Because she has this personality that makes it so easy to really open up and shamelessly and openly share what is going on. Being able to express truthfully what is really going on is something that makes a Coach powerful, providing huge shifts like it happened for me, in just 3 months, in my business but also in general.

The way that I feel about me and my business now is so beautiful. I get to work with this amazing clients and I am so empowered in being this Coach that I am.

I feel deep gratitude and I am sure that other Clients working with Hanna, will have a similar but individual profound inner experience. I think that’s just what happens when you work with Hanna.

I definitely recommend working with her. If you are a Coach, wanting to start your business or just being YOU, in alignment with who you truly are and embracing your uniqueness, do it.

Hanna I am so grateful. Thank you so so much.

Janet van de Bergh

Artist Coach

Let Hanna bring

you home

This is where the magic begins. You are unique, babe. Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out. This is for your when...

  • you have a huge commitment to personal growth
  • are ready to invest in your evolution as coach & individual
  • love magic & a little stardust
  • are ready to fall in love with who you truly are
  • you loooove Coaching







You wanna know WHO you are?


Tap into your essence

doors open soon

"I live from being a Coach ever since"

Hanna is on my side since Nov 2020 and I feel so blessed and nourished in so many ways, by her presence in my life. Next to my 1-year 1:1 Coaching apprenticeship,

I also have acomplished "The Infinite Shift" which is life-changing for me and my clients.

In my coaching apprenticeship with Hanna I learned SO MUCH about the way of coaching and leading my own business MY way, how to own being me and to constantly allow myself to grow deeper into my highest most aligned self.

My investment paid back multiple times in so many ways and I live from being a coach since.

The 1 year with Hanna gave me and my business super strong roots where the fruits now nourish me from. I am so grateful for her very unique, beautiful, so stylish, special, nourishing, soft yet super strong and confident way to lead, inspire, coach, be, share and teach.

Thank you Hanna!


Voices from all over the world

"I have known Hanna for 3 years now and already the first meeting with her was life changing for me.

I had a life-changing coaching journey with Hanna that helped me to bring out my potential and achieve my dreams. In just 3 months, I made 3 years of progress and was able to manifest my first workshop, which was fully booked and had people saving spots for the second one before I even advertised it.

Hanna's coaching sessions were clear, precise, and deeply empathetic, and I was able to take concrete tools with me to put my goals into action. I now have a harmonious professional path and am not afraid to speak my truth and show my greatness. Thank you to Hanna for seeing the potential in me and helping me to step into my power.

I am so grateful to know her in my life, in which she has taken a big emotional and spiritual part. For me, she is a true Coach, a life mentor, a wise woman - simply a woman I always wished I knew and now know with gratitude and cherish in my life. Every conversation, every impulse and especially my 1:1 coaching with her was and is a priceless experience and enrichment.

Can my words express what I mean? I sincerely hope so. BIG LOVE!!!"

Victoria Reif - Yoga Teacher

"Working with Hanna has changed so much within me and my whole Being.

With all of her knowledge and background, her years of experience and her whole unique way of guiding, I could bring neglected aspects of myself back into love, the true essence of what we all actually are.

Hanna really has this capacity. It's beyond words for me and I'm forever grateful for our encounter"

Julia Zander - Trauma conscious Coach

"Hanna's coaching helped me to take the decision to become self-employed and do what I love. After just a few sessions, I already had two clients and many more requests.

In a short period of time, I gave more than 50 sessions and was living my vocation as never before. As a single mother, I struggled with setting priorities, but thanks to Hanna's guidance, I was able to prioritize in a way that brought clarity, focus, ease, and joy into my and my child's life.

Through the coaching, I gained confidence in myself and my unique gift, and I am now more empowered to position myself in the world with love, gratitude, and grace. Thank you, Hanna, for strengthening my trust in myself."

Joana - Yoga & Bodywork

"In our first meeting she literally discovered my essence"

Hanna is one of the most wonderful people I know and she has been an incredibly powerful coach for me since 2019 as I grow. In our first meeting she literally discovered my essence,

the Jasmine that I really am in the depths, and spoke through my layers.

I am totally touched to write these lines because I was able to experience one of my wildest life changes through my call to my intuition and her support. Instead of waiting 5 years,

I started to live my passion within 1 year, which is coaching.

Hanna's holistic coaching gives growth in personal and business life.

Through her guidance I took my most courageous steps, discovered my uniqueness as a coach, and feel myself intertwined in it. My clients feel deeply seen and held by my support.

For this I have received incredibly valuable tools as well as deep knowledge from Hanna.

SHE'S PURE MAGIC!!! And I love that she has been accompanying and inspiring me in my unique being and truth for so long. She has also always affirmed me in listening to my INTUITION.

Thank you Hanna!!! Bold LOVE

Google Review by Jasmin Berth Sensual Movement Coach

more Voices

Hanna, you remind me of Steve Chandler.

You are like a true servant,

humble and powerful.

Steve Hardison - the ultimate Coach from Arizona

As I have received a lot of coaching in my life before, I can say with absolute certainty that Hanna is exceptional - she represents this rare combination of bubbly energy and transformative depth.

Her coaching opened me on many levels and allowed me to process some long-held emotions. Her style of coaching is powerful, deep and effortless.


It’s truly magical what miracles Hanna has created for me as a coach. The intensity and process speed that I have experienced during my apprenticeship with Hanna are magical and this clearly sets her coaching apart from anything I have experienced with other coaches.

I have found my way of Coaching, my essence so quick and it has truly changed of what I thought would be mine when I started.

Sonja Beatrice- sexual, sensual Coach

"Hanna is uncompromising in her desire to facilitate growth for the people around her.

She shows commitment that is second to none and she loves leaning into her edge while taking her clients to places where they never imagined they could go.

Seeing her grow into the masterful coach she is today has been deeply inspiring to me!

Her commitment to excellent coaching and her fierce desire to crush any limitations make the coaches around her level up their game."

Jan Broders
Executive Life Coach, University Lecturer & Speaker

"As a coach, Hanna is completely focused on the needs of the coachee and asks the right questions at the right times. She is very authentic and appreciative, and has a natural ability to navigate challenges with grace and poise. Hanna is like a surfer who always rides the right wave, and I have learned a lot about appreciation and depth from her.

The connection that Hanna makes with her clients is truly remarkable, even when working online. She is 100% with the coachee and her authenticity and appreciation make her stand out as an exceptional coach. I highly recommend working with Hanna."

Richard Seidl
Berater, Coach & Speaker


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